March 13, 2022

If you have a conversation with anyone these days, it won’t be long before a FEAR pops up in the conversation. You can hear it in their words as well as see the ‘shifts’ in their body language. This is the same for you too.

It could be a phobia of heights, spiders, water, flying or even a fear of public speaking, rejection, standing out, being different, failure ….. whatever it is for you and them.  I know I still have to catch my thinking and awareness of my own thoughts, feeling and actions, as I constantly peel back my layers of awareness as I evolve into a new newer version of myself.

And what I remind myself is that the ‘rear’ is just a story we’re telling ourselves …

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real 

FEAR is ALL made up, it’s a perception of our own imagination playing out scenarios, situations from ‘learned’ behaviour of our past.

Research has shown that babies have only 2 fears – loud noises and falling.

So basically EVERYTHING else is made up. Something that you heard, saw, felt as you were growing up, and then internally believed it to be true. However it’s NOT true, it’s not real and it’s time to give this fear back to who you heard it from, because it’s not yours.

Next time you start to feel anxious, fearful of something, or you catch yourself saying things like:-

  • I can’t do that because ….
  • I will never be/do/have XYZ because ….

Ask yourself is that REALLY true?

When you know it’s not really true and is all completly made up, then it’s a case of ‘FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY’

Learn to use this ‘feeling’ to fuel you on to expand into your greatness, rather than shrink into obscurity.

Either way it’s your choice to choose to live moment by moment in love and gratitude, learning from life’s lessons and expand into your greatness, or live by your fears and the fears of others around you, and moment by moment, day by day, wither up and die.

Either way, it’s just a choice and it’s up to you what you’re choosing moment to moment.

About the Author Sue Moore

Inspiring people to take a holistic approach to get their health & life back on track, so they can live the life they desire 

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